Talking about postnatal depression

by Marie Renaud

Newsletter 9th November 2016

This is the story that Lauren bravely shared recently, following Adele’s open talk about her own story of postnatal depression in Vanity Fair and how she was finding it very difficult to talk about it and get help. Once she started talking about it, she found that some of her close friends were also going through the same thing and were not sharing it.

The video embedded is also helpful in interviewing two mothers who are talking about their experience, and Dr Amanda Jones also pointing out how important it is for mothers not to get isolated, as unless you start talking about it, you will not hear about others, maybe even close friends. As there is about 10% of women who are likely to suffer from some form of postnatal depression, we should be talking about it more…

I am preparing some videos about postnatal depression along the same lines as the ones I did on anxiety, which are available on the website, so do keep a look out for them on :


Dr Marie Renaud