Extending summer....

by Marie Renaud

Well as autumn truly sets in, I have had the privilege of extending my summer by going for a walking holiday in Andalusia with my sister, away from any wifi, busy-ness and general fast living to a walking pace, slow uphill but always worth the breath taking views….

It also served as a reminder to take time to connect with nature and stay mindful of the beauty around us, that is so good for our well-being….

Now those of you with a young family will be sniggering at the thought of a week off walking when it feels that getting a minute to yourself is hard enough, of course, I understand, the only reason that my sister and I have been able to go away together is that our children have grown up and so not need the dedication that little ones need, however the principle of finding some time to yourself remains the same and it does take as much planning as going away for a holiday would.

It is essential for your well-being though, not just yours but also your baby’s as it will make such a difference to the quality of your presence when you feel resourced and alert yourself. If you are doing so much caring for your baby, who is caring for you?

How are you going to arrange to take some time for yourself? What will you do with that very precious time to ensure that you feel energised?


Before going up into the mountains, I had a day in Malaga and stayed in the centre of town, as it happens, there was a wedding just across the very small plaza and a crowd of very elegant well-dressed Spaniards filled the space, with colourful hats and very high heels…

I was having breakfast at the time and on 3 occasions, a young mum with baby and partner came into the café to use the facilities and also to unfasten her beautiful party dress to breastfeed her baby

before the start of the (very long) ceremony in church! It really made me think of the difference in culture where it would be hard to imagine a similar scene in Britain, that a local café would be completely at ease with people who were not consumers making the most of a place to nurse a baby…

Have you had difficulties breastfeeding your baby in public spaces or do you think that we are improving as a nation?