by Marie Renaud

From Poldark to mindful parenting….

From Poldark to mindful parenting.... by Marie Renaud For those of you following Sunday night‘s essential viewing in the UK: Poldark,  Ross Poldark learns of his wife’s pregnancy in times of extreme penury, she had been fearing his reaction as he had said... read more

Discouraging Fussy Eaters

Discouraging Fussy Eaters by Marie Renaud It is important that your baby gets introduced to new textures between 6 and 8 months in order for her to practice and get used to swallowing a range of new foods and avoid becoming fussy. Research shows that if a baby misses... read more

Starting to Wean Your Baby

Starting to Wean Your Baby by Marie Renaud As your baby grows, she will need to get introduced to other types of food besides milk. This should only happen after she gets to 6 months old. Before that age, her kidneys are not mature enough to cope with the waste... read more

Feeding and Weaning: Other Drinks

Feeding and Weaning: Other Drinks by Marie Renaud Breastfed babies do not need any other drink as their thirst gets quenched by the milk. Babies who are bottle fed can have some cooled boiled water from 2 months or so. It is important to add anything else to the... read more