by Marie Renaud

The Myth of the maternal instinct

We still have this notion that bringing up children comes instinctively but we humans are not generally ruled by instinct! We have flexible, adaptable minds and our environment is crucial to the way we develop. So looking after a baby, loving a baby is not an... read more

A sense of well being….

A sense of well being…. by Marie Renaud I had an interesting conversation with a woman in a bar last night! What a way to start eh? Well it was only about 5.30pm as I am in a different time zone this week, this wild night actually finished before 8pm, which felt like... read more

Talking about postnatal depression

Talking about postnatal depression by Marie Renaud Newsletter 9th November 2016 This is the story that Lauren bravely shared recently, following Adele’s open talk about her own story of postnatal depression in Vanity Fair and how... read more

Birthday wishes…

Birthday wishes... by Marie Renaud   Well it’s my birthday today so I can reflect on past years and past birthdays! This picture was taken in September this year, it was in a beautiful apartment I had rented in Paris to meet up with my coaching colleagues and... read more

Extending summer….

Extending summer.... by Marie Renaud Well as autumn truly sets in, I have had the privilege of extending my summer by going for a walking holiday in Andalusia with my sister, away from any wifi, busy-ness and general fast living to a walking pace, slow uphill but... read more